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The Washington Post  - www.washingtonpost.com

"splended hot-dog drumming by Kit Chatham"

Atlanta Journal and Constitution - www.ajc.com

"far more than a drummer"

Marietta Daily Journal - www.mdjonline.com

"Kit Chatham has hit the international scene"

"The professional drummer is one of the stars of Cirque du Soleil's Corteo"


The Brass Herald Magazine

"Whilst there were some outsanding individual performers. . . 

my favoured soloist was percussionist Christopher "Kit" Chatham"

London Theatre Guide - www.londontheatre.co.uk

"his skill and exuberance makes him mesmerising to watch." 

"he raises the energy level to even greater heights"

BLAST! Reviews:

Nashville Article - The Tennessean

"As the focal point of the opening and closing segment, Chatham turns out to be the show's singular icon. , . "

Philadelphia Article

"I hesitate to name any one of (Blast!) over another, but I'll tell you that a lithe, talented percussionist named Christopher 'Kit' Chatham embodies the Energizer battery spirit of Blast throughout, in both solo and ensemble performance. . . "

Dallas Article - www.talkinbroadway.com

"Chrisopher 'Kit' Chatham is one of the stars of the company.  From his hysterical drum

duet in 'Battery Battle,' to his constant comic and instrumental solos sprinkled throughout the show, he is a standout in this talent packed company."

Oklahoma Article

"Chatham demonstrated an amazing array of drumming techniques, getting an incredible amount of sound out of a single snare drum and two sticks"

"the true highlight of the evening was the 'Battery Battle' between drummers Nicholas Angelis and Christopher Chatham. . . "

Get Out Magazine

"the crowd went from supportive to frenzied as Kit Chatham and David Ellis engaged in a friendly drum-off"

Los Angeles Article - The LA Times

"snare drum sorcery"

Connecticut Article

"astounding speed, beats that drum like a rented mule"

Tempe Article

"a bravura display of musicianship, showmanship and one-up-manship - especially when Nicholas Angelis and Christopher Chatham square off on the drums.  Tuesday's audience could barely contain itself, jumping to its feet on three separate occasions to applaud the pair."

Toronto Eye Article - www.eye.net

"the talent is far and away the highlight of the evening, most notably the frenetically

charismatic drum soloists Nicholas Angelis and Christopher Chatham, who score with a

phenomenal series of dueling drum solos."

San Francisco Article - www.talkinbroadway.com

Toronto Article - The Toronto Star

Atlanta Article - Atlanta Journal & Constitution